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  1. ACID

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Hey guys, I wanted to do giveaway for Standoff for a while now! So let's do it. If you want to participate, all you will need to do is leave a comment below. Once we hit 50 comments (1 comment per user), I will randomly pick 3 winners. Good luck my friends!
  2. ACID

    Standoff - Feedback

    Good feedback, yes. Thank you!!
  3. ACID

    TPC - Free Download

    Sorry that I was unable to join you guys. Next time for sure!
  4. ACID

    Standoff - Suggestions

    Thanks for the list of suggestions! I will go over them in more detail very soon!
  5. ACID

    Standoff - Feedback

    I you have played v0.69, please leave as much feedback as possible, so we can improve the game! Thank you!
  6. v0.69 for Standoff is now out. Please review this topic for change-log. Thank you!!
  7. ACID

    Standoff - v0.69 Change-log

    v0.69 Update Changelog: Role adjustments: When played as shooter, there is no full auto fire anymore. You use "bump stock" to increase fire rate, although it's not the same as full-auto. When played as civilian, you can only shoot single fire with significant recoil and weapon handling. Stamina is significantly decreased for the civilian, and for the shooter. When played as SWAT, your stamina is way better, so is your weapon handling. Plus access to full auto fire. Hardcore mode: No more health/ammo UI is shown. All levels are now harder, especially for shooters/civilians. Minor level design improvements. Minor bug fixes. Minor shader fixes. Player should not be able to jump through roofs/walls now. Improved Menu & Pause Menu. I might have missed some too. I also wanted to release v0.70 instead, but I did not have time to finish. I'm sorry. But we will get v0.75 very soon. Next mid weed if not sooner that is! Thanks again for suppport!
  8. ACID

    TPC - Multiplayer

    Multiplayer related thread.
  9. ACID

    Furry - Suggestions

    Feel free to suggest anything so we can possibly add to the game!
  10. ACID

    Free download of the week!

    We will giveaway free copies of the "Tyde Pod Challenge" here pretty soon. The game has multiplayer with up to 20 players, so it would be fun if at least 10 of us can hop online and play together. We will start the giveaway once the v0.7 is out (of Standoff)!
  11. ACID


    Likewise! Happy birthday too! :)
  12. ACID


    Hey guys :D