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  1. Gezus

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Only 33 comments I thought people liked free stuff?
  2. Gezus

    Standoff - Feedback

    Standoff 0.69, tho still very much a work in progress is an excellent base for what the game is yet to become. The current gameplay is unpolished but acceptable, the over all mechanics are good how ever there are some on going bugs. Such as clunky AI and corners that swallow your character occasionally. That said it is a very playable experience with a wide selection of weapons and play styles. One thing I would hope to see change in the future is more characters as currently the game only features two character skins. The game has already been updated twice and has received many added features and bug fixes, there is twisted but very friendly community supporting the game. And the developers are active in the community and listen to the people playing the game for their thoughts on the experience. They also take into consideration features the players would like to see added into the game in the future. I highly recommend the game, being able to follow the development step by step is certainly a interesting experience. All future updates are free with the initial purchase, and the games only costs $20. In buying the game not only are you supporting the future development of the project, you are standing out against censorship. Games don't kill people nor do they make people kill people..... Review by Gezus
  3. Gezus


    A short story perfect for shit posting. So this morning I got to work and started cleaning the washroom when I felt it hit me. It was the oh so obvious need to take a shit, and it hit me hard. So I zipped over to the far stall with a towel and some cleaner, so I knew I would have a fresh cleaned throne to sit my ass on. I sat down and went to grab for my phone like we all do but realized it was in the back plugged in, so I was on my own with no entertainment. All of a sudden I hear the loudest groan ever, I'm talking sounding like someone's trying to shit out a baby so naturally I try to hold in the laughter thinking he's in the stall next to me about to die on the toilet. I finish up after listening to these noises on and off for the 10 or so minutes I was on the shitter, I flush and come out realizing there's no one in the other stalls I assume he left.... Then again the loud ass noise errrrrrrgggggggguuuuhhhhhhh, I look up and there's some weird lookin dude in the corner of the washroom facing the wall randomly groaning. This mother fucker didn't turn to look at me when I asked if he was alright, didn't look when I washed my hands in the sink and let out a groan when I grabbed paper towel from near his head. I threw out the paper towel and went to change the airfreshner and he nonchalantly turned around and walked out of the washroom. Later on when I went to do the front washroom security called me over to tell me there was someone making all kinds of noise in the front washroom he played me some audio he recorded of it and it was the same dude, apparently he was standing in the stall facing the door like 3 feet away from the toilet for 20 minutes making the same noise and not responding to anyone who asked if he was ok. I wish I had the audio but here's the corner I found him in for some perspective, he was standing between the sink and garbage can faxing the wall.....
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    I've missed so much shit posting, I need to clear my notifications more often....
  5. Gezus

    Great Movies

    Raid, jhon wick, Ong back, gone in 60 seconds and houses October built are a solid 5 movies, can't say they are my favourites but the first 5 I thought of.
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    This must be what you meant....