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  1. We will begin by letting everyone who purchased founders edition to leave the comment. As our seats are limited and small, it is in our interest to get as many players (who purchased founders edition) online on the same day and the same time. So please, if you purchased Standoff Founders Edition and received the email invite (about 30 mins ago after this topic was made), then leave a comment below! Just introduce yourself and tell us how excited you are about closed multiplayer! After roll call has been done, we will proceed to the next step. Everyone will be notified. Rules: No bullshit talk and no flooding. If you aren't Founders Edition user, please do not leave any comments, questions, etc. I will personally mute/ban for that. Thanks.
  2. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Surprisingly you aren't.
  3. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    yeet it daddy
  4. berdyev

    Standoff - Suggestions

    It's already on Unity my friend
  5. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Guys, invite your friends to participate!
  6. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

  7. berdyev

    whats the discord link for acid/standoff?

    I've made a global message on top of the forums with discord link. Should've done it long time ago, lol.
  8. berdyev

    whats the discord link for acid/standoff?

    Check @ACID twitter's bio: https://twitter.com/acid_wtf
  9. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Can I get a copy pls
  10. berdyev

    Standoff - Feedback

    Great feedback. Thanks Gezus!
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    Of course you will lol
  13. berdyev

    Favorite Games

    Hey guys! Lets talk about favorite games of ours! My number one game is probably Battlefield 4. Been playing it for years now. Hardcore servers only.
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    Anyone here likes $uicideboy$?