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  1. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown

    Driving Mechanics Showcase:
  2. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown - Feedback

    Appreciate the feedback!
  3. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown - Feedback

    Hey man. Press Escape Button to view layout of the buttons. You can enable/disable cursor, which you can use to customize your weapons. Hope that helps!
  4. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown - Feedback

    Unfortunately that is not possible. Although you are more than welcome to try the demo of original Standoff: https://buy.acid.software/product/standoff-demo/
  5. berdyev

    TPC - Free Download

  6. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown

    Standoff: Lockdown's alpha is active as of July 1st, 2019. Once pre-order is placed, you will be able to download current alpha build of the game. Alpha's preview:
  7. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown - Feedback

    General feedback in regards of the Standoff: Lockdown! Thanks!
  8. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown | Suggestions

    For sure mate, cheers!
  9. berdyev

    Standoff Multiplayer - Free Access

    Just four people so far? come on, you guys can do better
  10. berdyev

    Free download of the week!

    Soon deez nuts, lmao. But yeah, we will giveaway Furry next. When exactly? Who knows! Update will be posted though.
  11. berdyev


    Has anyone seen Endgame yet? I haven't, but I fucking need to.
  12. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown | Suggestions

    @Kieran my bad for not getting back to you sooner. Overall you got great ideas, but some of them are hard to accomplish. @ACID and I took some of these ideas into consideration; and we will let you know if we will decide to go them. If we do, you'll get your credit. Cheers mate!
  13. Hey guys, As I mentioned in our announcements on Discord, we are releasing Standoff Multiplayer (alpha) for free. Given that we are working on Standoff: Lockdown, original Standoff and it's multiplayer will no longer be updated; Hence why it has been decided to release alpha multiplayer for free. Le'ts all have some fun, eh? Perhaps if we can enjoy the multiplayer together, maybe @ACID and I can turn it into some sort of mini-game? Anyways. If you would like a free copy of the multiplayer version of the Standoff, leave a comment below. Sure, game's going to be free but only to our community.
  14. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown

    Standoff: Lockdown now includes a free copy of original Standoff game! Should've done this in the beginning when product was announced. But hey, better late than never. Pre-order your copy today from our marketplace: https://buy.acid.software/product/standoff-lockdown-pre-order/