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  1. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown | Suggestions

    For sure mate, cheers!
  2. berdyev

    Standoff Multiplayer - Free Access

    Just four people so far? come on, you guys can do better
  3. berdyev

    Free download of the week!

    Soon deez nuts, lmao. But yeah, we will giveaway Furry next. When exactly? Who knows! Update will be posted though.
  4. berdyev


    Has anyone seen Endgame yet? I haven't, but I fucking need to.
  5. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown | Suggestions

    @Kieran my bad for not getting back to you sooner. Overall you got great ideas, but some of them are hard to accomplish. @ACID and I took some of these ideas into consideration; and we will let you know if we will decide to go them. If we do, you'll get your credit. Cheers mate!
  6. Hey guys, As I mentioned in our announcements on Discord, we are releasing Standoff Multiplayer (alpha) for free. Given that we are working on Standoff: Lockdown, original Standoff and it's multiplayer will no longer be updated; Hence why it has been decided to release alpha multiplayer for free. Le'ts all have some fun, eh? Perhaps if we can enjoy the multiplayer together, maybe @ACID and I can turn it into some sort of mini-game? Anyways. If you would like a free copy of the multiplayer version of the Standoff, leave a comment below. Sure, game's going to be free but only to our community.
  7. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown

    Standoff: Lockdown now includes a free copy of original Standoff game! Should've done this in the beginning when product was announced. But hey, better late than never. Pre-order your copy today from our marketplace: https://buy.acid.software/product/standoff-lockdown-pre-order/
  8. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown | Suggestions

    @Kieran that's a hell of a lot of suggestions. I'll reply to you in regards of all of them within next 24 hours!
  9. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown | Suggestions

    Agreed. That's a good suggestion, thanks!
  10. berdyev


    who dis
  11. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown | Suggestions

    Post your suggestions for Standoff: Lockdown in this topic!
  12. berdyev

    Standoff - Questions

    Yes they do. Once weapon's fired, they act scared and start running random directions.
  13. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown | Discussion

    Discuss Standoff: Lockdown in this topic!
  14. berdyev

    Standoff: Lockdown

    Standoff: Lockdown is a successor to our original game Standoff (mostly known as an Active Shooter). It's an open world Postal type of game; with freedom of choice and much bigger immersive world, weapon handling, AI and much more! Our team at Acid Software has decided that it would be better for everyone to be able to experience the game like never before. Just imagine massive open world, where you could do whatever you want. Gear up at your safe-house, load everything in your vehicle of your choice and plan your next move. In Standoff: Lockdown you will be able to play as a normal civilian, as well as police member of local Police Department. In civilian game-mode, you could pick any available apartment or a house (safe-house) when you begin the game. Then, you will be able to purchase weapons and ammunition online and have them delivered to you. When ready, it's up to you what's going to be your next move. One of the exciting features we're working on right now are weapon attachments. Depending on your role, you will be able to use different variety of attachments on any of your weapons, as shown below. Character customization is also in the works. You are now able to customize minor things such as tattoos, ethnicity, gloves and sleeves. We're planning on adding in-depth customization with possibilities of a 3rd person camera controller. We shall see. Standoff: Lockdown will mostly be focused around single-player experience. Although, we are definitely be adding Co-op mode in which you could play as a civilian with up to 4 players. This means you will be able to cause as many trouble as you can, in a massive and immersive world of Standoff. Now, since Standoff: Lockdown is a completely new game, what does it mean for those who purchased Standoff: Early Access? After careful consideration, we've decided to grant full access of Standoff: Lockdown to everyone who have purchased the original Standoff before today's date (April 14, 2019). This means, if you have purchased Standoff: EA or Founders Edition before April 14th, 2019 ~ you will be getting a FREE access to Standoff: Lockdown once it becomes available. Founders Edition users will be able to experience very early alpha version of the game by May of this year. E-mail will be sent in regards of that. But when will Standoff: Lockdown be released? It's a hard question to answer, to be honest. Acid Software consists of a small amount of team members and unfortunately, we are unable to dedicate full time to this game just yet. Everything cost money and working with small budget is just hard. But there should definitely be an alpha release ready by the end of the third quarter of this year. Standoff: Lockdown price? The game will cost $39.99 when released. But fortunately for you, you will be able to pre-order it now just for $29.99 and save extra $10! https://buy.acid.software/product/standoff-lockdown-pre-order/ You can discuss this game in this topic: As always, we are very thankful for the community we have grown since last year. Your support and donations mean a lot to us, and we wouldn't be around without you. If you are able to help, you can donate directly to our cryptocurrency wallets: Bitcoin: 3BHrk9LCvUcv4GC3PPNmxgNELCNW6W8bmZ Litecoin: MAgrkKdw2obXy3RW2BN1eUXsCZ92etJcJj Etherium: 0xEb9a4CCfe94455988D9bc1c2B72f4901EecD0E59 Ripple: rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg (XRP tag: 2477464125) Zcash: t1PjLLQ4LqQxttqBkXLqo3FqCTdWLzQ7W8n If you would like to donate via other methods, feel free to open support-ticket about it and we'll figure alternative method of payment. By the way. We're going to keep original Standoff on our website, but now with a $9.99 tag for those who would still want to purchase and experience the original game. Founders Edition is no longer available, as there is no point for that. Thanks everyone!