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  1. berdyev

    Standoff - Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry for late reply. It's been busy. Updates aren't automated, since we do not have a launcher just yet. You'll need to download each update yourself from your user dashboard > downloads. Thanks!
  2. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Lol, my bad once again. I've been busy all week and barely had time to spend it checking forums/etc. I'll reply to you right now!
  3. Standoff's Multiplayer Update #2 is now out! Closed Alpha multi-player is available only for the Founders Edition users. Public release will happen later this year. Update is available for the download on our Marketplace, in users Dashboard > Downloads. If you are a Founders Edition user and the update is not available in your dashboard, please reach us through Support Desk, and we will make sure to sort the issue out ASAP. Now, let's talk about the Multi-Player Update! This update mainly consists of bug fixes. Main issue with initial release was that hit marks (player damage) did not register, thus killing a player was almost impossible and/or took a lot of rounds. It's now has been fixed! Aside from that, we have upgraded our Photon Servers, so ping/player movement should be smoother and better in general. Some of the UI has been adjusted and improved to reflect the current state. Graphical settings have also been improved (shadows, lighting, etc.) We have also tested multi-player vehicles. They do work, but also need some tweaking to make sure it's working as intended. We will release minor update which will include 2 vehicles within next week (1 police Crown Vic and 1 civilian vehicle). That's about it. Thanks for sticking around everyone. Means a lot to us! Single-Player is a little overdue, we know, but it should be out by the end of this month. Cheers!
  4. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    I completely forgot about the giveaway, lmao. My bad. No, he did not reply. And yes, you're the winner after all. I'm fine with that. PM me your e-mail and discord username, and I'll give you the access to the game. Thanks for sticking around!
  5. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    If he won't reply by given date, I will just randomly pick you, @Ziek or @2dallah. Since you three were the most recent/active. Would be easier this time
  6. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Well, @Infernus did not reply. Our new winner is @wewlad! @wewlad PM me your e-mail so I can send you the activation instructions! If you won't get back to me within a week (by 9/24/2018), we will draw another winner.... Congrats!
  7. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    I was out of town for a few days, so I was busy to finalize. I will pick a random in a few minutes.
  8. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Last chance @Infernus, lol. Come on man.
  9. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    If @Infernus won't reply by Saturday, we will pick a different winner.
  10. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    yeet at him
  11. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    And the winner is: @Infernus! Congrats mate! Just leave an e-mail below (or PM me) and I will send you activation instructions! Woohoo!
  12. berdyev

    Standoff - Giveaway | HOT

    Only 38 comments. Seems like it would take us years to hit 50 comments, lol. Anton and I decided to end the giveaway today; and only give away 1 copy instead. Winner will be randomly picked and announced within next 24 hours!
  13. It's finally a time for the closed alpha to kick in. I know, Acid and I promised to release closed alpha late July, but due to certain circumstances we were forced to push the date. Either way, we are in the good now. Closed Alpha multi-player is available only for the Founders Edition users. Public release will happen later this year. We have to make sure it's working properly before bringing it out to our public. If you are participating in our closed alpha multi-player testings, please leave any necessary feedback in our sub-forum: Multi-Player Section Thanks a lot everyone!
  14. berdyev

    TPC - Feedback

    After brief discussion regarding the future of this game, Acid and I decided to rename the game and head onto different direction with it. The update for this game will be out by the end of the September. Thanks!