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    For weapon attachments, the (hidden) cursor system is—i’m sure you agree—unsustainable due to the difficulty in aiming without a visible cursor and the tediousness of manually enabling and disabling the visible cursor. My suggestion is to augment the current design with an invisible “rail” that connects from point to point on the weapon such that moving the mouse up or down cycles through the different customization points. I suppose the easiest way to visualize this is to assume pinned strings between the different points that connect one customization point with another, and force general mouse movement into one pre-determined direction to the next point. For example, starting at the muzzle, dragging down slightly will quickly travel the selection to the sights. Anyway, I love your unconventional game idea and look forward to seeing what more ideas you have to implement into it!
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    very good stuff so far, i quite like the animations n models. i do agree with takatoka though, there should be more "oomph" to the guns, they should sound n feel like real ones n not airsoft guns, lol. two bugs ive found so far: normal movement speed when looking straight forward, but whenever ya start to look up or down, the movement speed keeps decreasin until it just halts. second, not quite sure this is a "bug" per say but ive noticed that ejected shells n casings dont despawn, was thinkin it would give an impact on performance, especially when theres a lotta firearms bein discharged. although still, very good alpha so far!!
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    So far the alpha saferoom is quite nice, it has alot of little details. The weapons feel good, though the ironsights are a bit weird occasionally they'll actually ads or they'll do the counterstrike 1.6 thing where it just zooms in without aiming the sights. My only complaint about the weapons, is they dont have enough power in their shots like the shotgun on the wooden targets isnt that powerful seeming like not blowing chunks out since that wood is quite thin. The 1-5 weapon selection is good, except the fact that if you are holding a weapon in that slot and you hit that number, you will put your gun away and then pull it out again. Healing animation is nice, very reminiscent of Killing Floor. Death animation is quite cool. The customization of weapons and your character is a very nice feature. Overall as the first showing its looking good, and I hope to see soon what else there is to come.
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    @berdyev no problem, i wasnt tryin to force anythin through, just throwin some ideas out there lol, but its good news to me to know that some o em might make it, so thats cool! im lookin forward to knowin more bout the game! have a nice one
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    Hey, i've been looking at standoff for a while, would love a multiplayer copy!
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    first off, i would like to say some of these suggestions arent for everyone, some would most likely be very hard to implement, and theres too many that i dont expect all of em to get in. i dont expect any of em to get in, but it would be cool if some of them did! although, what im most concerned with is that the game is developed on an engine with groundwork laid for lots of possibilities for additions over time even after release, paid dlc is good if its done right lol. what i want is that if ya guys cant add a bunch of this in cause of time or money constraints, the users should have the ability to continue the game further, hell, games decades old still thrive because of communities that continue to add things. im concerned with replay value mostly if the game doesnt allow mods and the like. that being said, the right foundation on a game can make a helluva lotta difference when it comes with what you can do and how long it lives for. arma 3 is a good example of this because its devs built a solid base for the community to build upon, thats why theres mods that turn it from a hardcore military simulator into an arcadey top-down 3d platformer and work really well, such as super miller land. i cant stress the importance of a solid base enough, cause without one, not only does the standard game crumble, but so does any hope for its longevity. but ive gone on long enough, here ya go, heres my suggestions. my suggestions from the discord chat, possibly more to follow: realistic weapons handling, such as no muzzle flash from guns with a flash hider, recoil that kicks into your virtual shoulder instead of just going up, stuff like that vr mode if possible, also perhaps realistic weapons handling with motion controls, maybe more akin to hotdogs, horseshoes and hand grenades? possibility for modding support / game toolkit? to keep the customize options open, maybe doing things where modders could program in their own new slots, add 3d models, animations, textures? for example instead of having the game hard coded to accept only a certain few categories of attachments like optic, muzzle, left rail, right rail, bipod, foregrip only, modders could make a new slot like "misc 1" or make a new one with a custom name, for example if a mod included aftermarket stocks for a traditional wooden sks, they could add a "aftermarket stock" attachment slot, say the stock in question is like my sks stock in my profile pic, where it has a pistol grip, extra rails, and folding retractable buttstock, they could put in a 3d model and change animations, idle positioning (holding it differently cause of the new pistol grip) add animations n functions like folding or retracting the stock (noticed one of ya guys screenshots showed a folding stock being folded) and opening up new attachment options (side rails, under rails) at the same time? this could also open up opportunities for magazine types, maybe adapting an internal magazine firearm to take detachable box mags? also modders ability to add in custom gear, cosmetics, enhancements, systems, firearms, ammo types, audio, visual changes? when it comes to purchasing firearms in the game, ya would have to go any of the possible gun stores to get a legal ffl transfer for added realism, plus the option to buy other guns, attachments, ammo etc at a gun store now for some suggestions i just thought of: if theres a crafting system in the game, maybe the ability to craft different types of ammo with tools at home such as reloading tools? overpressure rounds for more damage, subsonic to be quieter with suppressors, making rounds for cheaper? if so, perhaps it could be a fun idea to make certain types of ammo for certain firearms cost more in game to simulate the availability? (eg. more obscure guns with more obscure calibers would be more expensive to feed) also on crafting, maybe having a reboring tool to rebore firearms to take a more common round at the cost of slightly more inaccuracy while having other effects based on caliber? (more/less recoil, more/less stopping power, etc?) now this idea might sound a little out there, but when i play games that have a focus on civilian firearms in the us, full auto only is weird to me when games do that like gta or something, possibly making civilian firearms semi only with a few exceptions like rare guns/stolen guns/illegal guns or expensive ones? the ability to craft a bump stock attachment? ya can make homemade ones for $20 or so after all bipods? laser/light combos? muzzle devices to help with recoil? a sling attachment to make switching to a sidearm and back faster? making suppressors semi-difficult to obtain legally and have them only work with certain calibers? (eg. 9mm suppressor only for 9mm firearms, 5.56 only for 5.56) also, having suppressors still be heard from a good distance away could be beneficial as suppressors in real life are still loud but dont require hearing protection a need for ear protection when using unsuppressed firearms or having them shot off around you? without proper ear protection the audio would simulate ringing in ears (not overly loud for the player) ranging in intensity depending on type of ammo used, how often a gun is fired, maybe? (a good reference is the ACE mod for arma 3 which does this pretty well) different types of ear pro with different effects like needing 2 earplugs to muffle all sound, using one earplug only to affect sound in one audio headphone for the player? electronic hearing protection to provide hearing protection while still being able to hear normally when guns arent being fired? (realistic gun sounds as well would be a plus) a range/training facility where you could legally practice your shooting and rent out new guns to try before you buy them? when buying new guns, maybe gun stores might have a changing "used guns" inventory that might be randomized by category with random attachments or some parts even missing? (when i bought the sks in my profile picture, not only did i put the aftermarket black stock on myself, the previous owner didnt give the gun store i bought it from a magazine, even though it was already adapted to take detachable mags) optics for use without a firearm? binocs? nvgs? spotting scopes? holding a rifle scope in your hand to use as a monocular? variable zoom optics? flip to side magnifiers for holo/red dot sights? when aiming with a scope, have the area around the scope not be magnified, but the scope is magnified? a ballistics system, doesnt have to be complex, maybe modders can fix that? animals? k-9 units for police, guard dogs, pets, wild animals, maybe even lager ones like deer out in the wilderness? when attaching accessories to the gun, maybe changing position of the attachment? something like putting a red dot closer or further from the rear of the gun, for example? if thats the case, have working eye relief on magnified optics so you cant put a magnified scope too far forward? a mobile phone to act as an internet browser, music player, camera, or other things? security cameras? a possible (albeit difficult) stealth system mostly in place to escape without being found out? (balaclavas, gloves, using illegal firearms that cant be traced back? bleed on something and theyll find you?) fbi beating down your door for illegal activity regarding firearms and the internet (black market) so theres a need to use a sort of vpn in the game? civilians reporting suspicious activity? alarms to be tripped by civvies? automatic alarms from windows breaking, motion detectors, security systems? residential areas to do home invasions instead of only going to commercial buildings? protecting your own home from trouble? decreased population in certain areas at night, while increased at others if theres a day/night cycle? (clubs, bars?) (schools only populated from 8:30-4, semi populated until 6:30 pm?) (shifts for workers?) (24 hour stores?) public transportation, taxis, buses, trains? populated underground subway stations? the ability to spend a long time setting up an attack with multiple possibilities? (homemade bombs? homemade gas grenades? blocking exits?) if driving is added, car bombs maybe? driving into a crowd? storing firearms and gear inside a vehicle to keep them out of sight until in use? different types of gear to purchase to give enhancements since theres gonna be player customization? good boots to move faster and have more stamina? different pants for different speeds of stance change + extra pockets? different shirts that could have pockets and very slightly affect weapon handling/prone crawling speed? different vision effects from different types of eyewear? backpacks with varying size and usefulness? small chest rigs for more mag pouches, slightly affected weapon handling/prone crawling speed, chest pistol holster, light weight? plate carriers with optional ballistic protection plate inserts with varying degrees of effectiveness such as armor rating level 1, 2, 3, 4, lots of mag pouches and utility pouches, medical pouch for healing, extra chest holster for a pistol, medium effect on weapon handling/prone crawling speed changing depending on if ballistic plates are used? conceal carry vests for a small handgun and a few magazines? concealing a handgun and couple mags in pockets/in-pants holster? belt rig with drop leg holster for handgun and extra mag? slings for rifles and shotguns to carry more than one or two at a time, such as slinging a rifle over your back? takedown firearms to fit better in backpacks like the ruger 10/22 takedown oddly enough used in the game morimiya middle school shooting? helmets, some meant for airsoft, some meant to stop some bullets, difference being price, to give the option for helmet mounted night vision, helmet mounted flashlights, helmet cameras for recording, etc? gloves, masks, and other identity concealing equips? shooting gloves for very slightly faster reloads, half finger gloves so you could still use the aforementioned mobile phone? stamina recovering faster when crouching with kneepads, at the cost of slightly increased stance change times? a weight and capacity system unique to each type of gear item, some pants will carry more items, some backpacks will carry more, etc, each item has individual weight that affects the players stamina and movement, while still having the option to remove a gear item and pick it back up later with the items still inside? a player leveling system in multiple areas for improvement, character background choices upon startup to affect this, for example leveling up recoil control, stronger calibers will level up recoil control faster, weapon sway, strength of melee hits, ability to carry heavier items, more weighed down ya are, faster it levels, weapon handling speed, reload speed, magazine repack speed, semi auto firing speed, bolt action firing speed, lever action firing speed, pump action firing speed, shooters flinch, movement speed, stamina amount, stamina recharge speed, prone movement speed, medical ability for healing, etc etc? character background can be a custom difficulty, having your character start fat vs in shape, never touched a firearm vs medal of honor recipient, old vs young, uses band-aids vs renowned surgeon, rarely shoots vs competition speed shooter, noodle arms vs top boxer, and so on, with multiple options in between? multiple options for reloading, such as tap r for a tactical reload where ya keep the mag, hold r for a fast reload where ya drop the mag, when ya start to run out of full mags and all your mags have been taken down from fully loaded, an option to repack magazines with ammo from boxes in your bags or taking rounds out of mags and putting them in the others to make a full mag again, the time this takes varies depending on amount of mags to repack or remove ammo from and your mag repack skill level? a stance system similar to arma 3 where ya have high stand, combat stance, low stand, high crouch, crouch, low crouch, sit, prone, low as possible, leaning from all stances, stepping out to left or right, laying on the side to the left or right to be prone and see around corners? changing speed of movement by pressing w+s at the same time to go from normal to slow at all stances, slow movement uses stamina slowest/slowly regenerates stamina, holding shift when moving to sprint, crouch run, fast crawl? when moving, have different options for weapon position like shouldered, comfortable, down, holstered, shouldered weapon movement using the most extra stamina, comfortable using medium, down using small, holstered using no extra stamina? in addition to stamina, a fatigue system that affects weapon handling and sway, fatigue being affected by stamina level, amount of movement done and types of movements done, and weight of gear? immersive features such as a slight jitter and edges of screen darkening suddenly when you or someone nearby fires? when going to aim down sights, having to do slight automatic adjustments to get the right sight picture instead of instantly being lined up? examples of what i mean can be found in the mods "immerse" and "align" for arma 3 locked doors, some of which you could break through easily, some ya could break through with the right tools? breaching shotguns? kicking in doors? breaking glass? clutter scattered about to be used, such as stray rocks or bricks ya can use to break glass or hit something (or someone) with? a variety of buildings and interiors to play with, such as police stations, movie theaters, bowling alleys, maybe a sports stadium, gun stores (where youre not the only one packing!) post offices, restaurants, houses, pharmacies, stores, clubs, schools (of course haha) ranges (where ya better not try anything if ya wanna make it out!) malls, supermarkets, and so on? okay now this is gonna sound like one of the absolute most fucked up suggestions but for the sake of variety and realism, add children? it would honestly fit pretty well i think, especially since the game is supposed to be dealing with schools, open worlds, and civvies, though i completely understand if you dont want to a "playground" mode where ya can spawn in whatever gun, gear, character, etc ya want as many times as ya want, but only unlock this mode after idk, obtaining both a semi auto rifle and a handgun or shotgun in regular mode, so people dont go to playground first and decide "okay ive seen everything about this game now" i think thats all i can come up with for now, ill edit my post with anything i think of in the future thank you for taking your time to read this, and, if youre a dev, for making this game without fear!
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    Realistic Fleeing System For example, if I were to shoot someone in Gta V, the developers for some reason made everyone run like Usain Bolt. Look away for 10 seconds and all the peds have ran away after shooting a gun. I think it would be cool just to make them run a bit slower.
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    I like the Game and i have a tone of feedback and requests to help you so get ready Voices: Maybe try to get some female girls screaming or soemthing when the Attacker comes in and try to add Males too Prevent being killed: When a Cop comes into the School building to try and kill the Shooter make a letter or a number to react to like say (R) or (0) "One more step or i'll shoot her / him" and cops will stop and move away and as soon as they gun is away from her / him or pointing than they can open fire Easy to swap guns: Like Minecraft or Fortnite make a Number based thing... Like 1234 No weapons, Machine Gun, Shot Gun and Knife Being the Student or Teacher: Please try to find another avatar when being civil so they don't look like a S.W.A.T Unit. I know it's a pain and i understand if this feedback is stupid but yea it's just what i needed to get off my chest. Also can you tell me if the game updates auto after downloaded on your PC / Laptop? Thanks!