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    If he won't reply by given date, I will just randomly pick you, @Ziek or @2dallah. Since you three were the most recent/active. Would be easier this time
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    I was out of town for a few days, so I was busy to finalize. I will pick a random in a few minutes.
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    @infernus dont let them do it to you man. also yeet
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    If @Infernus does not reply i hope i win... But if he does reply, enjoy your game mate! :D
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    oof good stuff infernus, have fun
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    And the winner is: @Infernus! Congrats mate! Just leave an e-mail below (or PM me) and I will send you activation instructions! Woohoo!
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    Only 33 comments I thought people liked free stuff?
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    Please can i have the copy... i have been a big fan of your work and i would make a YouTube video on your Game if you want. Please give me the Copy of Standoff! I really enjoy your content and want to enjoy your new game. Please Thanks! Please send the copy to Mrlewismoore28@gmail.com
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    Hi I really want to play active shooter the actual game not just have it in my library is there ANYWAY!!
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    Hey, I have seen the Sneak Peek of the game and i love it! If your still doing the Giveaway please send the game to this email: Mrlewismoore28@gmail.com. I will make YouTube Videos of your game. I will also share it with all my friends. Cheers! :D
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    I'd like to see this place filled with Delicious food and tasty beverages! Any recipes are great too!
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    I know its not just me when I say these Spongebob boxes taste loads better than any of the regular boxes.
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    Wish I owned an Arcade...
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    Sounds like there's nobody else going to join us, even though there are a couple more people who have Founders edition. Anton and I will get the mp going within next 3 days. We will send an e-mail to all three of you and will reply on this post as well
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    fingers (& anything else that will) crossed for a win
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    Standoff 0.69, tho still very much a work in progress is an excellent base for what the game is yet to become. The current gameplay is unpolished but acceptable, the over all mechanics are good how ever there are some on going bugs. Such as clunky AI and corners that swallow your character occasionally. That said it is a very playable experience with a wide selection of weapons and play styles. One thing I would hope to see change in the future is more characters as currently the game only features two character skins. The game has already been updated twice and has received many added features and bug fixes, there is twisted but very friendly community supporting the game. And the developers are active in the community and listen to the people playing the game for their thoughts on the experience. They also take into consideration features the players would like to see added into the game in the future. I highly recommend the game, being able to follow the development step by step is certainly a interesting experience. All future updates are free with the initial purchase, and the games only costs $20. In buying the game not only are you supporting the future development of the project, you are standing out against censorship. Games don't kill people nor do they make people kill people..... Review by Gezus
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    I have a copy of Myst for Windows 3.1
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    Is the Giveaway still going on?