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    very good stuff so far, i quite like the animations n models. i do agree with takatoka though, there should be more "oomph" to the guns, they should sound n feel like real ones n not airsoft guns, lol. two bugs ive found so far: normal movement speed when looking straight forward, but whenever ya start to look up or down, the movement speed keeps decreasin until it just halts. second, not quite sure this is a "bug" per say but ive noticed that ejected shells n casings dont despawn, was thinkin it would give an impact on performance, especially when theres a lotta firearms bein discharged. although still, very good alpha so far!!
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    So far the alpha saferoom is quite nice, it has alot of little details. The weapons feel good, though the ironsights are a bit weird occasionally they'll actually ads or they'll do the counterstrike 1.6 thing where it just zooms in without aiming the sights. My only complaint about the weapons, is they dont have enough power in their shots like the shotgun on the wooden targets isnt that powerful seeming like not blowing chunks out since that wood is quite thin. The 1-5 weapon selection is good, except the fact that if you are holding a weapon in that slot and you hit that number, you will put your gun away and then pull it out again. Healing animation is nice, very reminiscent of Killing Floor. Death animation is quite cool. The customization of weapons and your character is a very nice feature. Overall as the first showing its looking good, and I hope to see soon what else there is to come.